Advanced Genesis3D

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What is it ?

Advanced Genesis3D is the engine used by the Tsudashi project, from Crossing Studios. This is a rebuild of The Premiere Open Source 3D Real-Time Rendering Engine: Genesis3D. The aim is to fix bugs and to add new features.

This is *not* a full rewritting of G3D. It is about fixing bugs and adding new features only. The point is to keep it fully compatible with existing games/progies.

New features will be optional and will have default values so that existing projets will not have to be modified/recompiled.

As a first step, there will be a release of a repackaging of G3D that will include all of the mods published on the Crossing Studios site, with compiled executables and libs.

Mods published elsewhere will be evalued, reworked and eventually merged if they are good enough.

If you have mods or requests, please send them to me or go to our SourceForge project.

What is done ?

What is to do ?